I work for a marketing consultancy & we come across different brands, recently I was working for an apparel brand. For that brand we had to look at the competition scenario.

We study different brands in the market & we look at different things like:

  • What they communicate?
  • Which sub-brands they have?
  • What are their future plans?
  • Which positioning they have taken? and many other things.

In that I came across brands which are Indian but perceived to be International brand.

First let’s look at these brands:

  1. John Miller – Future Group
  2. J.Hampstead – Siyaram’s
  3. Reid & Taylor – S.Kumar
  4. Allen Solly – Aditya Birla Group
  5. Louis Philippe – Madura Garments

Can you beat it these all & many such brands are perceived to be International but are Indian.

Strange but it’s true, they know how to sell & market their brand.

Retail is all about proximity if these brands come in consumers way & if they have seen their ads which has international name, international look & feel, international quality than I will at least try it. That’s it marketers job is done.

If a consumer buys it or not that completely depends on the material of the product or design of the product. But as a marketer the job is done that he has put the brand in the consumers consideration set. After some time consumers start believing that it is an International brand like I use to feel for Louis Philippe.