Few days back a buzz went around in my area where I stay, almost everyone in my area knew about that news.

That’s when I came to know that word of mouth is a very powerful tool for marketing. Before I share my view on this topic I just want to share my thoughts about this incident. The news which I am going to share with you is a perfect example for word of mouth marketing but the example is not right to take into this context. You guys will come to know after reading the entire incident.

As I said few days back a buzz went around in my area, the incident happened in a nearby gymkhana where I stay. A person use to visit that gymkhana almost every day for playing cards. One fine day he left his house for gymkhana & while playing cards he suddenly collapsed. Everyone present over there were shocked but after examine by a doctor people came to know that he had a cardiac attack & unfortunately he died.

This news was shared with few people but the incident was so different & unusual than a regular life that encouraged people to talk about it.

I will tell you how it must have happened. They must have shared this incident with their wife’s coz majority of the people present over there were adults or they must have chatted with their friends while travelling & then their friends must have shared with their friends & wife’s & it goes on & on & on. This is how buzz spreads right?

The point I am trying to prove over here is word of mouth is very powerful & the oldest tool in marketing but if a marketer wants to use it to market a brand or a product then it should have some talking value to it.

I will conclude by saying, in word of mouth marketing three things are very very important & i.e.

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