Picture1Recently Mumbai faced heavy rainfall & like every time this time also, roads were blocked & flooded. Some areas like Khar subway & Milan subway were impossible to cross. People with no option somehow managed to cross the subway.Picture2

Whenever I see these areas & their condition I feel that, Pakistan has bribed Indian government to never make it appropriate. Forget it let’s not get into that.

Over here I want to acknowledge the idea which was implemented by Aircel. Before that, I like to ask you a question, do you feel there were any opportunities for the brands to do something in these flooded areas?

I think there were number of things to do in this scenario but none came forward & tried to help consumers or at least console the consumers that don’t worry we are there for you.

Instead of Picture3helping them or seeking their attention through some unique ways, brands go to the obvious places & flash themselves for e.g.

They will sponsor festivals where there are 100 other brands present. I don’t understand who is going to see them or remember them?

Instead of sponsoring festivals or have presence where its not necessary, they should do something what Aircel did.

Many of you might know, but those who don’t know what Aircel did on 15th July 09.

Aircel brand placed outdoor ads near Milan subway, having an actual boat placed on it, tied it with a rope & wrote in case of emergency, cut the rope.

Imagine you are stuck in this scenario, what you will think about the activity done by Aircel?

You see a boat filled with people crossing the flooded area & later the boat comes towards you & takes you to your destination.

Will you ever forget the brand name AIRCEL?

Will you ever forget your experience what AIRCEL did for you?

Will you ever forget that there was a brand that did something when you really needed?

Not because they did something which was superb or out of the world but there was somebody who realized the fact that, this area needs attention in rainy season.Picture4

There was someone who thought we should do something for the people who are stuck in that particular place. They showed concerned towards their consumers as well as towards their potential consumers.

Now people are tired, they know government is not doing anything to improve these areas & they are tired of cribbing about it. Aircel took this as an opportunity & offered something unique to the people when they actually needed it.Picture6

This was enough to tip & created a buzz around the town. Entire PR covered it.

It’s a superb way to connect with your consumers & potential consumers. Certainly this activity will lead to more sales.

I don’t know who’s the guy who took the initiative & executed this idea? but it’s simply one of its kind & worth remembering it.

Picture5I don’t know how you look at this idea as CSR? but I say it’s a super marketing idea & if any brands wants to register themselves in the consumers mind they should do something which is unique & worth identifying.

I would like to say What an Idea sirjee!!! Aircel rocks…

Your comments are necessary to enhance my point of view.