Recently I got a mail, saying 24th July……. High Tide Picture in Mumbai………..scary man….

Whatever happens in India or anywhere around the world, how do you get to know about it?

There only two common ways, one is through word of mouth & another one is by news.

I generally come to know by somebody first (word of mouth) then I go & check the news. Some people might be seeing the news first then knowing it from someone else.

After few days you receive a mail saying pictures of that particular event. There are people in this world, who likes to accumulate all the pictures & send e-mails to their friends.

I get e-mails for all the events which were occurred around the globe others might have got it as well, to name a few 9/11, 26/11, Tsunami, Earthquake, 26th July & many such events.

I don’t wait for these e-mails to come but definitely if they come in my inbox I go & check it.

Imagine a mail saying 24th July High Tide Picture in Mumbai….. will you not check it, when you know it will hardly take any time & the entire media is talking about it?

One of the media article stated, according to the Maritime Board’s predictions, at 2:03 p.m on July 24th, the tides are expected to rise to 5.05 meters – about 57 cm higher that the high tide of July 26, 2005. This news was floating around on every media channels. I don’t see any reason why people will not check their inbox if they receive this kind of an e-mail from your friend. I too checked it.

It must have taken 15 minutes for that guy to do this & send it to x amount of people.

Once it’s gone there are people who will forward it ahead to someone else & the circle goes on. This is how viral marketing moves around & reaches different strata of people.

Definitely, this mail might not reach your right target group but don’t forget, it has gone to many numerous people. They will indeed talk about it somewhere in their personal meetings & by chance while shopping if they see it at once this picture will come to their mind.

Have a look at the mail which was sent to me. (Let me know what you feel after seeing the pic, in my comment box)