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An online viral which got more than 5.3 million viewers

As I have said earlier in my blog, Online is getting bigger and deeper day by day. The amount of time we spend online is startling. There is Facebook, Orkut, Yahoo, Rediff, Hotmail, Youtube, now a days we shop online, share our views on blogs, we tweet. There are so many things to do Online.

People have built their brands through this medium. There are many mediums to market the brand but the most effective and cheap medium is Online.

But you need to know the trick to market your story or your product or your brand or your resume or anything else; few people know how to use it, many don’t.

What if you are Sony or Dell or Michael Jackson or Steve Jobs or Lindsay Lohan ? You name the medium and you have that, you can market it through every possible medium.

PR, Print, Outdoor, Internet, TV, In-films and there are multiple options as well.

But the problem arises when you are not a biggie, if you are a common man, don’t have the money to spend on these mediums. But you have a remarkable product or a brand.

What you will do, How you will market it ? Which option you will use ?

Online is the one.

You can reach to millions of people around the globe, but the point is why they will waste their valuable time and look at what you are telling them to look at.

Is there somthing interesting for them ? is it unique ? something innovative, something which they have never seen, something which makes them enjoy, something engaging…. It can be completely wired but the story should be convincing enough for the person to read it or see it.

There are few companies who have promoted their product or brands or themselves through online and they have succeeded in it.

I would like to share few online marketing case studies coz they are easy to understand.

Burger King –‘Whopper sacrifice’ is a Facebook tool where users have to de-friend people from their friend list in return for a free burger. At the end of the campaign, there were a total of 233,906 users who found themselves dropped from their friends’ friend list.

Blend Tec –‘Blend Tec’ makes different types of blenders and these blenders can be used to make stuff like cappuccino, milkshake, making whole vegetables and fruits juices, grating cheese, chopping onions and much more.

They came out with videos called ‘Will It Blend’, The videos feature Blendtec CEO Tom Dickson liquefying a range of items that are divided into the “Try this at home” and “don’t try this at home” sections. In ‘don’t try this at home’ section features some unusual items that portray the power of the blender from 50 marbles to handful of golf balls to a new iphone .

After being released on YouTube the videos exploded, receiving over 1.7 m views. The traffic to the company’s website, with Alexa ranking jumped to 108,000 spots in the end of 2006.

BMW: ‘BMW FILMS’ BMW assembled a cast of A-list directors and actors & developed scripts within the basic framework of having a central character that helped people through difficult circumstances using deft driving skills—in a BMW.

Of course it’s BMW so the production cost was super high but promoting videos was almost free.

More than 10 million films have been viewed from 2 m people registered on the site, with 60% of those registrants opting to receive more information via e-mail.

Sunsilk: ‘Sunsilk Gang of Girls’ – India’s first girl online community website. The website has digital makeovers, group blogs, talent shows, job discussion board for girls, chill out zone and many such things.

  • Hindustan Lever claims 2,500,000 registrations to Gang of Girls site
  • 25,000 girl gangs,
  • 200 million hits,
  • 12-13 million page views every month.
  • The concept got re-launched for rural parts of India as “Sunsilk Saheli”

You might be aware of these online marketing campaigns, they are unique in their own way, at least they were when they got launched.Picture1

Like these campaigns (ones which I shared with you). Before few days, I came across one of the finest online marketing campaign done by a guy called Juan Mann, a man whose sole mission was to reach out and hug a stranger to brighten up their lives. And his campaign name was ‘Free Hugs Campaign’.

To read about Free Hugs Campaign visit:

The video which is shown on Youtube is simply amazing and worth watching. In this age of social disconnectivity and lack of human contact, the effec20061030_101_284x218ts of the Free Hugs campaign became phenomenal.

The concept is so unique that it got more than 52,000,000 viewers on Youtube. and the guy got a chance to meet Oprah Winfrey. What else you want…

Online is huge and has billions of users, we just have to know how to use it. If we know how to use it, we can build our product or brand only through this medium.

I hope you guys got an idea of Online marketing and seriously speaking this guy has done nothing great. He has taken our idea and gave an english name to it. Munna Bhai use to say it ‘Jadoo Ki Jappi’ Mr. Juan Mann has said ‘Free Hugs’. 😉 it’s always the other way round though.

Have a look at the video, I loved it and am sure you will like it too…


2012 – A Viral Success ?


Early this year, the news floated that the World will end in the year 2012, there are many reasons for the same,

Few came out with, the new century would bring about total destruction, and no one would survive,

Few believed that Earth is slated for another ice age, which will kill off all living things.

Others said, according to astronomers, billions of years from now, the s­un will become a red giant, expanding to a size larger than the Earth’s orbit and consuming Earth in the process. Even if the planet somehow survives, the sun will eventually shrink, becoming a white dwarf and gradually cooling off until it can no longer warm anything in the solar system.

Many doomsayers hang onto the idea that this ancient calendar is a ticking time bomb signalling our fast-approaching demise during the 2012 winter solstice.

But here’s what NASA scientist David Morrison at the Ames Research Center in Moffett Field, Calif., told Discovery News.

Oct. 22, 2009 — contrary to what you may read on the Internet, the world is not going to end in 2012. A rogue planet named Nibiru is not on a collision course with Earth. And a solar flare won’t toast the planet.

It’s all fiction, though the makers of the film “2012” may lead you to think otherwise.

“I don’t have anything against the movie. It’s the way it’s been marketed and the way it exploits people’s fears

Morrison has launched a counter-attack through his “Ask An Astrobiologist” online column, which he says has gotten more than 1,000 questions about the end of the world.

Scientific misinformation about 2012 has been ramping up for a few years, with more than 200 books and 1,000 Web sites purporting to explain various doomsday scenarios.

Sony Pictures is behind a particularly viral campaign to build publicity for its upcoming apocalyptic movie “2012,” which debuts on Nov. 13.

The company has set up an interlinked family of Web sites and Facebook pages to infuse a sense of reality to its fictional work.

The point is Sony Pictures have marketed the movie in an amazing way; it created the hype about the story which was fictional and made it look real. The promotion of the film now looks like; it’s a true story which is surely going to happen in 2012.

The end which might happen, which might not happen, the myth has been made factual and pushed in the minds of the people just to promote a film. Amazing way to market anything, it’s completely innovative thinking, in the world of Global Warming where people are scared of not taking any step to protect the environment, scare them and scare them to the core. After that, hype the release of the movie and say WE WERE WARNED.

There might be something happening in 2012 as per medieval calendar, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to happen for sure.

The story got authenticated coz of different media channels promoted it; news channels are the only credible medium where people have some trust to it, they believe them and what they show but now a days they run after innovative stories which gives them high TRP. It’s not far that media channels will not be left with any credibility amongst people.

After effect of the news is, people everywhere around the globe are scared that 2012 the world is going to end. 2012 the year is top of the mind in the consumers head but come on guys you can’t spread panic around just to promote a film.

The problem is people are going to watch the movie any which ways, it’s the best entertainment for the people around the globe there’s no doubt about it, but the fact remains I am writing the story coz they have scared people around me, they have scared the world. The bad word has already started spreading.

Mr. Morrison assured that nothing is going to happen in 2012, we don’t know how true that is but if seriously nothing happens in 2012 then who would be in trouble? Can you guess???? Sony Pictures, I doubt, the trouble will be faced by media channels ofcourse not directly but indirectly and the credibility of media houses any which ways going down, they are pushing it more down.

Be Aware: The End is near but not of our Planet…

Tata Sky targeting online customers

Online is getting bigger and deeper day by day, the amount of time we spend online is startling. There is Facebook, Orkut, Yahoo, Rediff, Hotmail, Online Games Websites, Shopping Websites etc. Phewww, in the offices the scenario has changed completely, if net is down there is no work to do. It’s like, nets down, lets go home.

Early days when online was new, people were scared of shopping anything online due to obvious reasons there was no security of the password. Hacking was big and is still big, but banks are taking all security majors to prevent the password from hackers so people are less scared now.

People by Online air tickets, Online train tickets, Buying books online, Hotel booking etc etc.

Online shopping is growing at super speed.

Recently I came across this ad of Tata Sky. The ad is not about buying Tata Sky Online, the above information was to give an idea to you guys that how internet has grown big and how people are getting into it completely.

The best part of this ad is, its permission marketing, they are asking people for the data and not pushing it through call centre guys calling them without their permission, sending e-mails and various other things which gets on the nerves and it’s not at all confusing, the ad is clear for online consumers, to reinforce their decision of buying Tata Sky and letting them know about the discount price.

It’s like if you see the ad and if you are interested than please give your details. Our call centre guys will call you back.

Let’s look at the ad, it’s a flash ad and has two parts to it:





The message is clear, get Tata Sky in Rs 1,599.

Second part has discount offer of Rs 800 and Aamir Khan.


The information box down is there in both the parts, very crisp and very clear. Simple data not all confusing, if someone is interested to buy Tata Sky, he has to right the name, age, number and city. That’s it.

Tata Sky has done few things superbly:

  • They are getting data base of the potential consumers.
  • They are not forcing them to buy it online or anywhere else
  • They are asking for permission that if you want to buy ‘Tata Sky’ or if you want more information about ‘Tata Sky’ please give your details and we will get back to you.

VOLVO celebrates the 50th anniversary of its 3-point Safety Belt Invention

Recently I came to know something new about my favourite brand. Of course the brand name is VOLVO

I never knew VOLVO was the first one to come out with 3 point safety belt in the cars, which we in India have started using it recently.

Let’s look at the history about the invention of Safety pin. It was invented by VOLVO engineer Nils Bohlin in 1958 and patented in 1959, from last 50 years this little feature is there in their cars and in every other car brand in the market.

This proves how narrow the brand focus is, they stood for safety and their actions revolves around safety and nothing else. 3 pin safety belt is one feature which we know but there are other unaware features as well, to name a few:

  • Intelligent airbags,
  • Electronic vehicle stability systems,
  • Roll Stability Control (RSC),
  • Driver Alert,
  • Blind Spot Identification System,
  • Lane Departure,
  • Adaptive Cruise Control with Collision Warning and Automatic Braking.

To go further VOLVO is introducing World’s Safest Car, the 2010 XC60 T6 AWD, which features City Safety, a low-speed collision avoidance system.

This is exactly what a brand has to do, they came up with a story of safety which fits consumers worldview and to authenticate the story they made each and every characteristic of the car revolve around the story.

My point is, brand can take a certain position in the mind of the consumers but they have to stick to that position till the brand lives. They just don’t have to position it, they have to support that positioning through all their actions.

Even after 50 years of automotive safety innovation, the three-point safety belt remains the most effective protection for occupants in the event of a collision. The belt reduces the risk of fatalities and serious injuries from collisions by about 50 percent. The device has saved more than one million lives and is now standard equipment in every car.

VOLVO celebrating 50th anniversary of a feature which was introduced in their car and now used in more than 1000 other brands.

VOLVO can proudly say,

there is a little piece of Volvo in

every car on the road.


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