Online is getting bigger and deeper day by day, the amount of time we spend online is startling. There is Facebook, Orkut, Yahoo, Rediff, Hotmail, Online Games Websites, Shopping Websites etc. Phewww, in the offices the scenario has changed completely, if net is down there is no work to do. It’s like, nets down, lets go home.

Early days when online was new, people were scared of shopping anything online due to obvious reasons there was no security of the password. Hacking was big and is still big, but banks are taking all security majors to prevent the password from hackers so people are less scared now.

People by Online air tickets, Online train tickets, Buying books online, Hotel booking etc etc.

Online shopping is growing at super speed.

Recently I came across this ad of Tata Sky. The ad is not about buying Tata Sky Online, the above information was to give an idea to you guys that how internet has grown big and how people are getting into it completely.

The best part of this ad is, its permission marketing, they are asking people for the data and not pushing it through call centre guys calling them without their permission, sending e-mails and various other things which gets on the nerves and it’s not at all confusing, the ad is clear for online consumers, to reinforce their decision of buying Tata Sky and letting them know about the discount price.

It’s like if you see the ad and if you are interested than please give your details. Our call centre guys will call you back.

Let’s look at the ad, it’s a flash ad and has two parts to it:





The message is clear, get Tata Sky in Rs 1,599.

Second part has discount offer of Rs 800 and Aamir Khan.


The information box down is there in both the parts, very crisp and very clear. Simple data not all confusing, if someone is interested to buy Tata Sky, he has to right the name, age, number and city. That’s it.

Tata Sky has done few things superbly:

  • They are getting data base of the potential consumers.
  • They are not forcing them to buy it online or anywhere else
  • They are asking for permission that if you want to buy ‘Tata Sky’ or if you want more information about ‘Tata Sky’ please give your details and we will get back to you.