When Cloud 9 was recently launched in India with R.P.Singh as their brand ambassador I gave my early comments on the brand.

Last few lines which I wrote about Cloud 9 in my previous blog.

Will the brand ever make it big? May be may be not

Will they ever beat any of their competitors? I have my doubts with that.

I seriously feel Cloud 9 should come out of the sky to the earth and study Indian Consumers before taking any step.

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Over a period of time Cloud 9 is doing great in the market, slowly and gradually they are covering the entire market.

First they launched the brand with Shilpa Shetty and got a huge PR buzz and then with R.P.Singh they exploited mass media.

Initially to start with they had flavor of Pomegranate but now they have different flavors like Wild Berry and Red Grapes. If consumers have apprehensions with Pomegranate they can have another one.

With huge advertising spends they got into the consumers mind, now consumers very well know that Cloud 9 = Natural Energy Drink. They know the difference between Cloud 9 and Red Bull, Cloud 9 is Natural Energy Drink and Red Bull is Energy Drink.

As a consumer, if I want to have something I think of the category first and then I think about the brand.

For e.g. I want to drink something, what should I have?

Let me have water hmm no, I will have cola instead or no no I will have white drink arey no no let me have energy drink.

Once you decide on the category then you decide on the brand. Let’s say I want to have an orange drink I will ask for Mirinda or Fanta or whichever my favorite brand is, if Mirinda is not available then I will think of having Fanta.

You want to have an energy drink so you go to the store and ask for it, let’s say, Red Bull and if Red Bull is not available and in the refrigerator you see Cloud 9.  What will you do?

You will either go for it or you won’t…. if brand is properly registered in the mind then probability is higher that you will go for it.

In the end, the game is on distribution. Cloud 9 is bang on with distribution. They are getting more and more powerful in distribution. Wherever you get Red Bull you will find Cloud 9 and wherever you won’t find Red Bull you will find Cloud 9.

Recently Cloud 9 came out with new commercial saying Drink and Drive with Cloud 9. A very simple line but its catchy, now a days traffic guys are catching people who drink alcohol and drives. Here is a brand saying drink and drive but only with Cloud 9. This gave a talking value to the people. Again Cloud 9 penetrated inside the mind of consumers by giving people a talking point to chit chat about.

I don’t know somehow I am liking Cloud 9’s strategy to cover the market. Cloud 9 has exploited all media and they should exploit one more medium to reach out to their consumers and the medium is experiential marketing. Engage consumers and make them experience the brand. Cloud 9 should go to their target audience through different BTL activities. This will make more and more people experience their product and get firsthand experience with the brand.

One more thing I would like to say, if anyone from Cloud 9 reading this blog they should use this line in their communication to have a marketing battle head on with the main competitor, if the main competitor reacts to your communication you have won the battle.

The Line is:

why to have wings when

you are already on

Cloud 9 😉 …