One small idea can do wonders for a brand. It is not at all necessary to exploit all the media available to make your brand popular.

Somewhere in this world there is a lawyer called Sabina Stobrawe and she implemented this outdoor advertisement for her brand.

I know the medium used for the ad will be seen by very few people compare with any other media but the ad and the medium selected has high talking value to it. The fact remains, I saw the ad and now I am sharing it with you this itself proves the point that the ad has worked more than any other media.

What’s so unique about the ad? Hmm, I leave it on you to decide that.

How is it? Liked it? I liked it…

Let’s assume few things now.

Assuming this might be a commercial building. Assuming the building is higher than 2nd storey. Hypothetically, I go there for some work on the third floor, standing near the elevator I see this married couple’s picture and as elevator door opens the image goes apart. Till this time I don’t know why this picture is kept there but as soon as I go inside and see the message.

Sabina Stobrawe

Divorce Lawyer

2nd Floor

It wont hit me hard, but when you think about it again couple’s picture, then couple’s picture going apart and then a message saying Divorce Lawyer. The message will subtly hit you, when a married couple is about to apart there is only one person Sabina the Divorce Lawyer.

Simple message but shown in a smart way. It is very unlikely that whoever sees the ad will forget it and.

After seeing the ad I seriously felt, indeed,

Creativity has no boundaries…