Few days back my boss shared a website with me called SUBvert and I am glad he did that because this website made me think and helped  me realize what I really want to do in my life.

What is this website all about?

SUBvert is an online magazine and their aim is to interview creative, business and sports heroes, so people can learn about success from these people who actually has achieved it. They publish content that helps people make more money and have more fun doing work that they love.

They have interviewed people like:

  • Mike Shinoda – Linkin Park
  • Goldie – DJ / Producer / Musician / Actor
  • Anthony Bozza – Rolling Stone Journalist and author of several rock biographies

And many others.

We might not know half of these artists but the point is not that, the point is when you read their stories it motivates you to the core. You feel how passionate they are in their work and how dedicated they are to achieve it.

Somewhere down the line it forced me to think, what I am currently doing is what I want to do my entire life or I am forcefully doing it, if I am forcefully doing it then why am I not pursuing what I really want to?

I am sure these thoughts come and go in the person’s mind who really wants to do something but due to some reasons not fulfilling it. The problem with these thoughts is they fades out very quickly. The guy who started SUBvert is very well aware of these things and he doesn’t want people to fade these thoughts and wants them to push and do something about it. He wants them to achieve it.

You can also register yourself on the website where you receive mails saying secret tips which tries to solve all the problems and hindrances of the person because of which he or she is not getting into what their heart and soul really wants to do.

Isn’t it a super  idea of making people realize their dreams and keep motivating them to achieve it.

This website made me realize few points and I think, in some or the other way it will help you do the same.

So for all those who really really wants to achieve their dreams but for some reasons are scared of getting into it, this website is for you guys, http://www.subvertmagazine.com/blog/