BTL idea with an ATL effect

I know it’s been long that I have uploaded any blog but I guess I was waiting for some great stuff and I think, I finally got one, for me it’s a kick ass idea.

Recently I got a mail saying ‘An advertising Puzzle…. Must see’when I opened the mail it was written

A _ _ _ brand that puzzled everybody at the Manchester Airport!’Will tell you the brand name in sometime.

Below it was written ‘Can you figure out how this Man is sitting?’ and a video link next to it.

When I saw the video I was completely stunned, seriously speaking this kind of BTL activity I have never seen in my life.

Have a look at the video and you decide by yourself what do you think about it?

Is this idea has a brand recall? My view,I think whoever will see it, they will never forget the brand in their life.

Is the idea innovative? For sure it is.

Is the idea engaging? Cent percent it is.

The idea can be taken to different media channels? Yes it can.

Is the message conveyed properly to the consumers? Yes it is.

Have a look at the video.

So how is it? Liked it?

I loved it.

The idea is so simple, a man, sitting comfortably without any support to his butt and reading the newspaper. The message KLM wanted to convey was

‘Choose your personal kind of comfort’.New, more choice in economy class.

But if KLM would have done something like: the activity remains the same, instead of a person sitting in the air if he would be sitting on an actual airline chairwould it be that intrigued.

There is no doubt that consumers won’t see the activity  but would the idea have talking value to it? Would consumers stand there and discuss it or click pictures? Would they go home and share it with their loved ones? Its unlikely right.

Every medium has certain parameters so does BTL, BTL activity has certain mandatory points and those points should be integrated before executing the idea.

Three essential points are, the idea should be engaging, it should generate excitement with consumers and  should have a brand recall in the minds of the consumers.

With making it simple (like giving an actual chair to the person) consumer might get the message clearly but it would not have the spark in it. It would just be an another mundane idea executed. It is imperative that the above factors are integrated in the idea before executing it. That’s what KLM did they knew if they showcased something which is innovative like this, they will give something new to the consumers which in-turn they will share with their friends, relatives etc.

The idea of sitting comfortably without any support for minutes is unimaginable and this guy is sitting comfortably for hours that’s what made the idea more intrigued to the consumers.

Now KLM guys have gone a step above, consumers present during the activity were engaged and entertained but how to make other consumers aware and engage and excite which were not present during the activity.

One options is we can do the same activity at different airports or at key touch points. But as we know, given the price, online has far more reached then any other medium. With free media the idea can reached to millions of people with no cost, provided the idea is really innovative and it should make the consumers say WTF is this.

But for online audience, instead of sending it directly they made it engaging by saying  solve the puzzle ‘how this thing can happen?’ Figure out how this man is sitting? So for online audience it’s not just an exciting video but on the same time it is engaging.  It makes consumers think more about the activity in-turn pushing the brand KLM more deep inside their mind. The more you don’t get the answer the more you share it with people and try to figure out the solution.

Now across the globe on different websites people are talking about it and guessing how KLM has executed this idea.

I think KLM had done something supersonic and I really appreciate the guy who thought about this and the guy who saw conviction in the idea and allowed him to execute it.

The effort of engaging the consumer to this extent has never done by any brand and I think KLM has done a great job…

Right now I am just waiting for another round of mail with the video (making of the activity) giving answer to all the curious people who were trying to solve the puzzle.