Tell me something, a non-stick pan should be as smooth as silk or if it doesn’t have the smoothness then its fine?

I have no clue about it coz I have never bothered about it, it’s a boring category & a women category. Y should I be aware about it, it’s not my concern, my mom should worry. It doesn’t make any sense I getting involved in the cooking pan’s category.

But as brand says non-stick cooking pans so ofcourse there might be a need for this kind of a product that’s why it has been in the market. After looking at the activity it’s completely clear that cooking pans should be smooth and not rough.

Let me show you the video of a brand who made this boring category of cooking pans an interesting one, it made it interesting for everyone not only women. In the end its all about top of mind recall when u go to buy a product. Right? So y not make everyone aware about it even kids for that matter.

Idea was really clutter breaking & the beauty is in the simplicity of the idea.

Here is the video of the on-ground activity done by a non-stick brand in China.

Have a look at it.

How’s it?

The idea is so simple they have created a skateboard zone where professional are performing their skateboard tricks and on their back they have these shapes created of eggs, fish etc. Showcasing egg or fish or something else is getting cooked.

It’s a breathtaking site, imagine something like this happening inside phoenix mall or in-orbit mall of mumbai or at a central place where there are high number of people walk-ins.

Isn’t it a breath taking site, won’t u stand for a while & look at what is happening ?

The idea intrigued the consumers & had a talkability value to it.

I always felt on-ground activation has to have four mandatory points to make the idea beautiful.

First it should attract the consumer, like what this idea did & my earlier article had a brand called KLM they also did a similar activity for their Economy Comfort Product with a man sitting on an invisible chair and Manchester Airport. if you want to read the article.

Second necessary point is engaging the consumers. Consumers should be engaged and involved with the activity.

Both the brand KLM and SUPOR they manage to engage the consumers to the great extent with the respective ideas, be it person sitting on an invisible chair or professionals playing skateboards on a huge skateboard zone.

In both the activity people stood for a while tried to figure what these guys are doing & once they got it they started clicking pictures and started sharing it with their husband or friends or children or whoever they were accompanying with.

Third point and the most important point is to educate consumers about the product, this is the right time to inform them about the product because they are ready to listen. They are already mesmerized by seeing the activity.

Fourth another and the last important point is to make the idea amplified with other people who have not watched the activity or are not aware about the activity. We all know it is an on-ground activity so it has lesser reach then mass media campaigns. Total number of people touched are very few compared to any mass media campaigns.

So how can we make the idea reach to other people and make them feel the same way like what people have felt while watching the activity live. Think about it, it’s simple,

Similar way like I got it. Internet.

I think this idea suffice all the four important points which are crucial for an on-ground activity and lastly SUPOR increased sales by 20% with spending of nothing as compared to mass media campaigns. What else a brand needs from an activity ?

SUPOR the activity was $uperb.