What an ad. Superb use of technology, it can only be done by a brand like BMW who likes to give pleasant surprises to the consumers.

This cannot be shown on television coz of technology incapability that’s why they might have chosen alternative option which is cinemas. Doing it in Cinemas they didn’t get the reach like mass media but with the idea like this, automatically people will talk about it and gets huge word of mouth without spending high on media. Person sitting in India came to know about the ad with the use of free media what more a brand wants.

The message what they gave was awesome but audience were more keen about the innovative idea, how they saw the brand logo after closing their eyes.

I think this is first ever advertisement which didn’t had any brand presence in it but was more effective than all other brands.

The idea has so much of talkablity, each & every person who has seen the ad will talk about it with their friends, relatives etc.

I think its beautiful to think of such an idea, after seeing the ad I feel that people in west are so open to new innovative ideas and have balls to go ahead and execute it