This is so great that I  had to share it with you all.

Before sharing the link I would like to share a small note about the brand. Read the note or don’t read it but I will assure you, you will enjoy the video.

New Zealand pizza delivery chain called Hell Pizza came out with an interactive thriller viral video on YouTube just to convey the message that they can deliver Pizzas anywhere.

Just to share with you the synopsis of the movie the heroine of the film is trapped on a car roof, ordering a pizza to pass the time while zombies bay for blood near the roof.

The series goes interactive when the action cuts to the hero, a delivery guy. Choices viewers must make (with a quick mouse-click) to progress through the video series include saving and recruiting a henchman, dispatching zombies with a choice of weapons and taking the right route to get the pizza to the girl.

Correct choices lead to a slew of gory zombie death and the chance to enter an email draw to win a year’s supply of Hell Pizza, the address revealed at the end of the final clip. Make the wrong move and a grisly end awaits the characters and the mission.

It generated more than 700,000 views in just 10 days, the zombie series Deliver Me to Hell by LittleSisterFilms, allows the viewer to choose characters’ move in a series of three-minute videos.

Have a look at the video and trust me you will see it till the end.