Why to lie when there is Teletransporter ?

I came across this activation long back but forgot to write about it, I thought about sharing it with you but somehow it skipped my mind. Recently in a meeting I came across this activation and I realized that I have to share it with you all.

A brand called Andes Beer did something which was impossible. There is an insight that girls don’t like their boyfriends going to bars or pubs with their friends. It is ok with them if they are going somewhere with their family or going to meet some relatives but with friends that too in a bar they can’t digest this. I am sure insecurity kills them….  That’s a different story if we boys get into it we can go on and on for hours.

Coming back to the point what Andes did was instead of men lying to their girlfriends they gave them teletransporter, a revolutionary invention cable of doing something impossible.

Teletransporter is basically a booth which gives them capacity to be somewhere else while being at a bar with their friends.

Have a look at the video, it’s simply mind boggling….

It’s one of the best activation I have seen and every time I see these kinds of activations the thought comes up that there is so much we can do with the help of technology, we just have to get an idea which has brand dynamics, cultural insight and ofcourse the client who sees worth in an idea.

By the way second phase of the idea has come out and it’s better than this one, will share it with you shortly.

Till then keep reading 🙂

T Mobile’s Angry Birds – Experiential Marketing

Recently I came across an awesome activation idea which is done by a brand called T Mobile, the idea was executed in Spain.

T Mobile wanted to leverage the popularity of the game, so they created the angry bird game to connect the love of Angry Birds to its entire smart phone product range with life sized installation of the game.

Check out the video, you will get better understanding what exactly they did….

The best part of this activation is how beautifully digital game has been married to on-ground activation, where the consumer is playing the game on the phone and simultaneously everything what’s happening digitally is happening live in front of them with real exploding, with music playing when the angry birds hits the target or misses the target.

If you look at the idea then there is no brand insight as such which relates to the activation idea but what they saw was the popularity of the game, the game has been played and loved by everyone across the globe and they saw an opportunity to do something innovative with the game itself.

By doing this they have taken Angry Birds to the next level, way past the Angry Birds Cake that had almost 6 million views.

I think the activation is awesome it attracts the consumers, engages them and entice them to share the idea with their friends, relatives etc…