Way to go Honda – Million Mile Joe’s Surprise Parade

I think very few brands can do something like this. Such a simple idea but what a beautiful one, ofcourse this idea can only be executed by a brand which is quite old in the market but think about it there are so many brands equally old as Honda is but none thought about something like this only Honda did.

It is very difficult to drive a million mile in your own car especially the same one, I don’t know how many people has achieved it and if someone has who remembers him/her ? No one, right.

But there is one person called Joe who achieved a million mile in his Honda Accord. A million mile is an wonderful achievement for an owner & also for a brand. It’s a matter to showcase the world that if you drive and maintain your car it will be with you for lifetime but a brand’s glory goes in vain without the owner who has loved & respected his car for years. He is the guy who has been with her for years and the glory is equally his.

Have a look at the video and see how a brand should treat their consumers, ofcourse the activity in itself is beautiful but also you will see how a brand should treat their customers. I understand something like this happens one in million cases but I am not saying every brand should do the same thing as Honda did but they can atleast do 1% of what they did. Just try it and see how consumers will love your brand.

Coke did it again with Magic Machine…!

Brilliance is the word comes to my mind when I see what Coke is doing in different markets with Open Happiness, be it Happiness Machine or Happiness Truck or The OFW project and now the latest one Magic Machine. This time in Argentina.

I don’t have to say anything the idea is so simple & so well executed that it is self-explanatory. Have a look at the video.

What I really like about Coke activations is all their ideas are so simple but extremely unique so as soon as consumers experience it they don’t have a choice but to love it & share it with their friends.

Coca Cola happiness can also make you cry…. The OFW Project

Coca Cola open happiness campaign makes me smile whenever I see them, it always makes me feel why I am not part of this. There is someone who is really doing some kick ass stuff and has balls to do it something innovative every time with one concept in mind with ‘Coca Cola You Open Happiness’. Be it Coca Cola Happiness Machine or be it Happiness truck (different things pops out from it). All the people who experienced it loved it but it also became successful when the videos went viral on the internet.

With this campaign they have done something extra ordinary not that it is better than the earlier ones but surely it is as impactful as all the earlier campaigns.

Have a look at the video am sure you will love it…

Isn’t it insightful ?

OFW Overseas Filipino Workers who has gone abroad to work to give better future for their families. Haven’t seen their family for years, what best gift they can get in Christmas ?

Happiness in this case is making them see their family, to get them home this Christmas, something they cant afford to do on their own. That’s exactly what Coke did, not just making them come home and meet their family but giving that super experience from the day their ticket was booked till the time they met their family members.

How Content Goes Viral ?

My earlier article was on Why This Kolaver Di ? People who haven’t read it then please have a look at it, the link is here ( https://itsallaboutbrands.wordpress.com/2011/11/24/word-of-mouth-will-spread-the-fire-why-this-kolaveri-di/ ). This article  is also dedicated to the Kolaver Di guys.

2.6 million in 5 days and reaching a mark of 16.25 million in just 20 days, it is simply remarkable. A guest living in Africa, lived her half life in Portugal & London is aware of the song, doesn’t understand the meaning of it but says it has very catchy tune.  She came to know about this song  from her South Indian friends who are living abroad but the point out here is, viral can reach to the audience who are not your primary target group, whom you don’t want to target but who cares if the medium is free and the output has far larger value then input then why not reach out to them and spread the word to more people.

One side Shahrukh Khan spends Rs 500 million for the promotion of his film Ra One is that justifiable or reaching to 16.25 million for free.. ? Ofcourse viral completely depends on the content what you are sharing with the world but how to identify that content, how to identify the content which is contagious… 

Is it just a medium where we have to try & see our luck that it spreads like fire or watch it getting doomed ? Or

Is there method to this madness ???? This question is hammering me from quite sometime now, recently I came across an article in one of the blogs which I follow regularly ( http://www.digitalbuzzblog.com/ ). Have a look at it and let me know is this process necessary to identify that if we have great content that will definitely will work or there is something more to it… ?

I think to start with this process & these reasons are very crucial but this is the only thing to spread the content like fire ? I don’t know. I am still searching for the answers but the following article is a sure shot a hygiene process that everyone should understand before sharing the Content through Viral…