I think very few brands can do something like this. Such a simple idea but what a beautiful one, ofcourse this idea can only be executed by a brand which is quite old in the market but think about it there are so many brands equally old as Honda is but none thought about something like this only Honda did.

It is very difficult to drive a million mile in your own car especially the same one, I don’t know how many people has achieved it and if someone has who remembers him/her ? No one, right.

But there is one person called Joe who achieved a million mile in his Honda Accord. A million mile is an wonderful achievement for an owner & also for a brand. It’s a matter to showcase the world that if you drive and maintain your car it will be with you for lifetime but a brand’s glory goes in vain without the owner who has loved & respected his car for years. He is the guy who has been with her for years and the glory is equally his.

Have a look at the video and see how a brand should treat their consumers, ofcourse the activity in itself is beautiful but also you will see how a brand should treat their customers. I understand something like this happens one in million cases but I am not saying every brand should do the same thing as Honda did but they can atleast do 1% of what they did. Just try it and see how consumers will love your brand.