The Man Who Gave Everything What He Had….!

What a thought! I think this is one of the best guerrilla marketing I have seen. Imagine a man opened a Facebook page and innocently declared that he decided to give everything away. Reason of giving was that morning he just felt like giving away everything what he had in his house & the guy also showcased videos of all the products he owned.

After getting huge number of fans, getting covered on the front page of the newspapers & people queuing up at his house he revealed that the reason for his generosity is that Homecenter was opeining its Sales Season.

I think to do something like this in any market (this was done in Colombian market) needs lots of guts coz if it fails then there is no way to save it.

Have a look at the video:

How to make a good entry for an award function (Cannes | GoaFest | EMVIEs)

Recently I came across an a/v which tells us about how we can enter for an award functions (more related to media & creative awards). Media & Creative agency guys will understand what they go through while writing for an entry or making an a/v to showcase their project.

It’s a tiring process to write an entry for any award function be it Cannes, EMVIEs or GoaFest but once the project has been shortlisted and gets them an award, trust me, they forget everything, the pain of spending late nights in the studio or re-writing the entry, just the feeling of that award remains.

That hope of winning an award makes a person entice to write an entry or make an a/v. I saw this video and thought this will help them to make their entry and a/v a sexy one.

So here is it… Have a look at it.


Dove Valentine’s Day – Brilliant Activation

I don’t quite understand brand extensions, I think, a brand stands for something in the minds of the consumers & if they extend it they dilute the positioning what they have created in the minds of the consumers & it will surely affect the brand in some or the other way.

I was surprised when Dove got into Dove Hair Care. I personally think it was not needed but right now in India it’s fairly doing good in the market. Dove has a strong positioning & proposition set in the consumers mind and that’s what Dove Hair Care is enjoying.

Recently I came across an activation for Dove Men Deodorant (shocking to know Dove is also available for men in other countries, in India it’s still not launched). I don’t know how Dove Men is doing as far as sales are concerned but the activation is simply brilliant & will surely get brownie points to the brand.

The activation was done for Valentine’s Day. Dove went out & asked men what will they do for their woman on this Valentine’s ? Rest I don’t want to disclose… Have a look at the video. Its simply amazing.