Dove Valentine’s Day – Brilliant Activation

I don’t quite understand brand extensions, I think, a brand stands for something in the minds of the consumers & if they extend it they dilute the positioning what they have created in the minds of the consumers & it will surely affect the brand in some or the other way.

I was surprised when Dove got into Dove Hair Care. I personally think it was not needed but right now in India it’s fairly doing good in the market. Dove has a strong positioning & proposition set in the consumers mind and that’s what Dove Hair Care is enjoying.

Recently I came across an activation for Dove Men Deodorant (shocking to know Dove is also available for men in other countries, in India it’s still not launched). I don’t know how Dove Men is doing as far as sales are concerned but the activation is simply brilliant & will surely get brownie points to the brand.

The activation was done for Valentine’s Day. Dove went out & asked men what will they do for their woman on this Valentine’s ? Rest I don’t want to disclose… Have a look at the video. Its simply amazing.

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