What a simple idea but so neatly executed but more then the activity what I like was the a/v, how smartly they have showcased what HP did in Sao Paulo’s rock concert . I think this is one of the best a/v I have seen lately.

While watching the activity please also have a look at the making of the a/v, the color combination which are used, the flow of the video from start to end, the fonts, emphasis on specific words and etc etc.

HP wanted to sponsor  Sao Paulo’s largest rock concert but Rock ‘N Roll has nothing do with printers then how to get associated with a rock concert & also make crowd know about the brand & make the brand registered in their minds ?

There are couple of moments which defines rock concerts like air guitaring, smoking, head banging etc etc.. but what these guys selected was SHOUT. From all these moments I dont know the reason why they selected shout as a moment but one thing is sure it merged with the idea so well.

After seeing the video I think any touch point is a great touch point for a brand till the time the TG is correct, what is needed is a great idea which can get benefits out of it.

Have a look at the video (activity & a/v) both are simply brilliant….!