Scotch Brite is a Sponge brand & they are number 1 in Brazil market. Problem for a brand was that it was more preferred by older people & had clout with the younger generation.

Have a look at the video, I think they have used an old cliché into a finest way of demonstrating the product.

Perfect touch-point for catching the youngsters (target group) & perfect activity to pass the message across. Brand message is passed to the target group in fun & unusual way.

More & more activity I propose to my clients & more I see on-ground brands doing these kinds of activities my belief becomes stronger that any activation idea should have fun element to it then & then only the activity will make an impact & will also have talk-ability.

Of course there should be a message what a brand wants to communicate but it should be in a fun & unique way then it will be very difficult for people to forget about the brand & the activity.