The American Rom – Campaign

Recently I came across one campaign by a chocolate brand in Romanian market. I think it’s one of the finest 360 degree integrated marketing campaign. You don’t come across many brands taking such a bold step, it really requires some balls to execute this kind of campaign.

Have a look at the case study: it’s seriously awesome

It’s really shocking to see an age old brand doing something like this, forgetting about the positioning what they have created over the years in the minds of the consumers, forgetting about the credibility of the brand, not worrying about all these things, someone sitting in ROM took the step & executed the campaign & results are there in the video.

This kind of activity is more required for struggling brands or brands which are into that life cycle where they have do something in the market by which people notices them (by something like this I don’t mean exactly the same campaign. Brand should not lose it’s relevance, they should keep in mind the consumer psyche & culture before doing campaign which is out of the world).

Ofcourse I agree this kind of campaign works or doesn’t work, there is nothing like campaign did fairly well but what’s the harm in that if you have confidence in the idea & if you know that the brand really requires a campaign like this in its life cycle then why not take a chance.

I am not saying all brands should do campaigns which is innovative, or never done before but when it requires for a brand then please do it.

As top of mind I don’t remember any Indian brand doing something like this & am desperately waiting to be a part of marketing guys to make a campaign like this or atleast be a part of consumers and experience the campaign.

Before & After – Weight Loss Live Demonstration

What a simple thought. I simply loved the idea how a gym chain called Power Vibes Studio in Nairobi Kenya promoted themselves. The emphasis was on weight loss & the idea is so unique & simple..  Live demonstrating before & after of a person.

They hired two identical twins or made sure that the girls get up (clothes, hair style) was similar looking & made them roam around the streets of Nairobi.

Ofcourse it requires a right talent to execute the activity but once they are trained well & know what they are doing the point is said in the best way.

I think people’s eyes & smile in the video says it all. If I am part of the activity I will never forget the activity & brand & I will be the first one to speak about the activity to my friends & closed ones.

Super, Have a look at it.