Coca Cola Ice Bottles.! Immortalized

I am & will always believe that Coca Cola is the best brand in this huge competitive brands driven world. I think there is no other brand who thinks so much about their customers then this brand & I am not just saying it I really mean it.

Look at the innovations they have done from OFW project {} to Online Coke FM {} to Happiness Machine for couples {} to Magic Machine {} and many many other innovations. Trust me for every market they have done some new thing.

In marketing it says that every product has a life cycle but this is not true for the brand Coca Cola, I think the brand is just getting immortalized. There is no room for the competition to even touch them as far as innovation & consumer engagement is concern.

After seeing this video, sincerely hats off to the Coca Cola marketing guys who are making this possible & making this world a better place to live with opening happiness.

Have a look at the video, Coca Cola ice bottles.! can you beat that.

For Your Eyes Only.! Samsung Galaxy S4

Yet again, came across a killer on-ground experience. This time it’s not Coca Cola but Samsung.

One messaged Samsung wanted to communicate that ‘Samsung Galaxy S4 knows when your looking at it’.  Samsung does communicate this message through television commercial but its more impactful when your engaging the consumers & if the idea is simple & hassle free then it gets huge word of mouth.

I am cent percent sure people who experienced this activation will spread the word to their friends & relatives. Trust me its not about winning the handset its about people have not experience something like this before.

The idea is to stare at Samsung Galaxy S4 for 60 minutes straight regardless of the crazy distraction by motorbike crash, hot dog vending guys on fire, fighting couples & guitar playing weirdos.!

Isn’t it simple, fun & intriguing.! Imagine you have to stand at the particular place & stare the device for 60 minutes & then suddenly you are distracted by the above guys & if you lose the eye contact you lose but if you go on for 60 minutes, bingo you take away S4.

The installation was placed in the middle of Zurich’s station.

Have a look at it, it’s simply superb.!

IT’S ALL GREEN, is that HULK ??

Almost after a year I am writing a new blog. Feeling really sad that I didn’t updated my blog regularly with new stuff, really sorry guys, this time I will try & share new articles more often.

You might be thinking what happened suddenly, saw some innovative on-ground activation that’s why I am writing the blog & the answer is NO. This time I didn’t found out any innovative on-ground activation but this time it is about a brand.

Recently I was watching television & came across a really nice advertisement but towards the end of the commercial it made me really worried about the brand & I thought to share my thoughts on the same.

I am talking about the brand called LINE, Line basically is an app which allows people to social network with their friends/relatives etc.

The main proposition of the app is that you can send voice messages to your friends, isn’t it great? I think it’s superb when you have cut throat competition from Blackberry messenger, What’s app, Viber & many other social network apps, here you have a differentiation with voice messages.

But, what to do when there is another brand (WE CHAT) with the same proposition of voice messages & have also started the communication before you have (also using power of celebrity).

I really think LINE should not change their proposition, it’s really OK if a second brand comes with similar functions/proposition but what is troubling me is, the personality of the brand LINE.

Please have a look at both the commercials:

Did you see the difference ?

Both the brands commercial are really nice, we chat has power of celebrity, it makes a difference but the impact is not that huge.

What will hurt the brand Line is, the personality of the brand by that I mean LOGO & the interface it is so similar to WE CHAT.

I understand Line is an international brand & can’t change their logo just because one brand has similar look & feel but please understand We Chat started before you & with power of advertisement & other media support they have created a position in the consumers mind. Now having the same color of the logo, having the same interface & also being the second entrant will confuse the customer & in this clutter environment & it will help We Chat.

India is a huge market & you have to customize the brand as per the Indian market. Even Mac Donald’s when they entered they were not keen to customize as per Indian market but we all know  what all customization they did for Indian consumers.

Right now I cant conclude with anything, just very keen to see the battle between these brands. What happens next ? how Line will over power We Chat or vice versa.

Line, with similar logo & color as the brand we chat,

We Chat having benefit of the first entrant & also having association with celebrities &  associating themselves with new Bollywood movies. Below few are We Chat advertisements with Bollywood movies.

Waiting to see how LINE grows in the India market.

Cola & Mobile war is really over now there is a war on apps 😉

Waiting to see a new song by Coldplay, ITS ALL GREEN feat HULK.  LOL.!

We Chat association with Indian Cinema