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Coca Cola happiness can also make you cry…. The OFW Project — December 7, 2011

Coca Cola happiness can also make you cry…. The OFW Project

Coca Cola open happiness campaign makes me smile whenever I see them, it always makes me feel why I am not part of this. There is someone who is really doing some kick ass stuff and has balls to do it something innovative every time with one concept in mind with ‘Coca Cola You Open Happiness’. Be it Coca Cola Happiness Machine or be it Happiness truck (different things pops out from it). All the people who experienced it loved it but it also became successful when the videos went viral on the internet.

With this campaign they have done something extra ordinary not that it is better than the earlier ones but surely it is as impactful as all the earlier campaigns.

Have a look at the video am sure you will love it…

Isn’t it insightful ?

OFW Overseas Filipino Workers who has gone abroad to work to give better future for their families. Haven’t seen their family for years, what best gift they can get in Christmas ?

Happiness in this case is making them see their family, to get them home this Christmas, something they cant afford to do on their own. That’s exactly what Coke did, not just making them come home and meet their family but giving that super experience from the day their ticket was booked till the time they met their family members.

How Content Goes Viral ? — December 5, 2011

How Content Goes Viral ?

My earlier article was on Why This Kolaver Di ? People who haven’t read it then please have a look at it, the link is here ( ). This article  is also dedicated to the Kolaver Di guys.

2.6 million in 5 days and reaching a mark of 16.25 million in just 20 days, it is simply remarkable. A guest living in Africa, lived her half life in Portugal & London is aware of the song, doesn’t understand the meaning of it but says it has very catchy tune.  She came to know about this song  from her South Indian friends who are living abroad but the point out here is, viral can reach to the audience who are not your primary target group, whom you don’t want to target but who cares if the medium is free and the output has far larger value then input then why not reach out to them and spread the word to more people.

One side Shahrukh Khan spends Rs 500 million for the promotion of his film Ra One is that justifiable or reaching to 16.25 million for free.. ? Ofcourse viral completely depends on the content what you are sharing with the world but how to identify that content, how to identify the content which is contagious… 

Is it just a medium where we have to try & see our luck that it spreads like fire or watch it getting doomed ? Or

Is there method to this madness ???? This question is hammering me from quite sometime now, recently I came across an article in one of the blogs which I follow regularly ( ). Have a look at it and let me know is this process necessary to identify that if we have great content that will definitely will work or there is something more to it… ?

I think to start with this process & these reasons are very crucial but this is the only thing to spread the content like fire ? I don’t know. I am still searching for the answers but the following article is a sure shot a hygiene process that everyone should understand before sharing the Content through Viral… 

Word of Mouth will Spread the Fire – Why This Kolaveri Di — November 24, 2011

Word of Mouth will Spread the Fire – Why This Kolaveri Di

I can’t resist to share this video with you guys, the following video has got 1.6 million hits in just 4 days and more than 1 million in 1 day. I think this shows ‘power of content’, if content is powerful and has a right medium to reach the right target group then the marketer needs nothing. No need of using different media to reach the target group, just use one & the job is done. It will just flow and this video has done exactly that.

Have a look at it & be a part of this clan to spread it more…

Durex Condoms ‘Love Fortune Teller’ — September 23, 2011

Durex Condoms ‘Love Fortune Teller’

Before sharing the second phase idea of my earlier blog I came across something interesting done by a condom brand called Durex in Taiwan market.

Taiwan’s young crowd is fixated to two things gaming and sex but the country is liberal and steeped into reach culture and tradition, young crowd is not open to talk on subject like sex in public.

The problem was if the consumers are not ready to talk about sex then how is it possible for a brand to talk about protected sex?

They just required the right solution for the problem and someone sitting out there got it, one insight that Taiwanese people are very keen to know about their love future. This insight led to an idea of creating Xerud a fortune telling sampling machine.

Have a look at the video it will give you a better understanding.

Awesome idea which gave the consumers what they really liked and weaved in the brand message and product along with it. What’s interesting is, there are multiple ways to give away the information one way is to go to the consumers directly and informing them about the brand but how effective it is in today’s world where consumers are bombarded with so many brand messages. The other way is by doing what Durex did with Xerud machine, shared the information by packaging it as per consumers wanted to listen.

Why to lie when there is Teletransporter ? — June 24, 2011

Why to lie when there is Teletransporter ?

I came across this activation long back but forgot to write about it, I thought about sharing it with you but somehow it skipped my mind. Recently in a meeting I came across this activation and I realized that I have to share it with you all.

A brand called Andes Beer did something which was impossible. There is an insight that girls don’t like their boyfriends going to bars or pubs with their friends. It is ok with them if they are going somewhere with their family or going to meet some relatives but with friends that too in a bar they can’t digest this. I am sure insecurity kills them….  That’s a different story if we boys get into it we can go on and on for hours.

Coming back to the point what Andes did was instead of men lying to their girlfriends they gave them teletransporter, a revolutionary invention cable of doing something impossible.

Teletransporter is basically a booth which gives them capacity to be somewhere else while being at a bar with their friends.

Have a look at the video, it’s simply mind boggling….

It’s one of the best activation I have seen and every time I see these kinds of activations the thought comes up that there is so much we can do with the help of technology, we just have to get an idea which has brand dynamics, cultural insight and ofcourse the client who sees worth in an idea.

By the way second phase of the idea has come out and it’s better than this one, will share it with you shortly.

Till then keep reading 🙂

T Mobile’s Angry Birds – Experiential Marketing — June 21, 2011

T Mobile’s Angry Birds – Experiential Marketing

Recently I came across an awesome activation idea which is done by a brand called T Mobile, the idea was executed in Spain.

T Mobile wanted to leverage the popularity of the game, so they created the angry bird game to connect the love of Angry Birds to its entire smart phone product range with life sized installation of the game.

Check out the video, you will get better understanding what exactly they did….

The best part of this activation is how beautifully digital game has been married to on-ground activation, where the consumer is playing the game on the phone and simultaneously everything what’s happening digitally is happening live in front of them with real exploding, with music playing when the angry birds hits the target or misses the target.

If you look at the idea then there is no brand insight as such which relates to the activation idea but what they saw was the popularity of the game, the game has been played and loved by everyone across the globe and they saw an opportunity to do something innovative with the game itself.

By doing this they have taken Angry Birds to the next level, way past the Angry Birds Cake that had almost 6 million views.

I think the activation is awesome it attracts the consumers, engages them and entice them to share the idea with their friends, relatives etc…

Budweiser Poolball — April 28, 2011

Budweiser Poolball

Budweiser Poolball

I know it’s been long that I have written anything and there is only one excuse I can give that I don’t have time but that’s not really a point. The point is when something is free you tend to be lazy or you take it for granted that’s what free blogging sites did it to me. Instead of wordpress if I was writing it on typepad or any paid blogging sites I would have been more disciplined.

Nonetheless that’s not the point I wanted to share. Recently I saw something really very interesting done by a beer brand (Budweiser) in Argentina. It is very common that beer brands sponsoring sports events in particular football. Less common is to create a whole new sport of their own.  What Budweiser did was they created their own game. They just mixed two games and made it into one. They mixed pool and football rules by creating a world’s smallest stadium or the world’s biggest pool table (depends on how you look at it).

Have a look at the video you will understand better.

I think the idea is simple but superb and am sure whoever sees it will never forget it and pass it to others. It’s registered in their mind forever.

After watching the video I think this game is so intriguing that it can be a regular sport in all the sport bars.

The Budweiser Poolball is here & it’s here to stay long.

An old journey between Brands & Bollywood actors — January 7, 2011

An old journey between Brands & Bollywood actors

I agree it has grown over the years and now it has reached at such a level that we don’t remember which actors are endorsing which brands in fact its difficult to figure out how many brands they are endorsing.

Celebrity endorsement use to happen in earlier times also but it was not cluttered like how it is today.

I recently got an email having few ads which are endorsed by our old actors actually not all are old as in few have grown old and Few are dead and few are still young actors.

It’s fun to watch old ads and they are funny too. I hope you guys like it.

Surprise your customer — January 6, 2011

Surprise your customer

Remember I shared an on-ground activity done by KLM where they shared the message of comfortable sitting in the economy class. What a brilliant way to showcase the message and the point is it was amazingly executed. This time again they have done something unique for their customers but this time they didn’t wanted to share any message but they wanted to make their customers happy by giving them pleasant surprises.

One basic consumer insight is traveling by airplane is cumbersome and waiting for flight at the airport is really boring so the entire journey via airplane is not comfortable and relaxing.

So KLM thought let’s give small pleasant surprises to the customers and make their journey little less stressful. The idea was to use social media tool called foursquare (Foursquare is a mobile application that makes cities easier to use and more interesting to explore. It is a friend-finder, a social city guide and to know more about it at one of KLM’s venues at Amsterdam Schipol Airport, the airline’s team removed out as much information about the customer using the information they have posted publicly through social media tool like Twitter and Facebook and find a customized gift for that particular customer. They then attempted to make contact with the person through social networks and other means to meet up with them to deliver the gift. Have a look at the video, its self-explanatory.

I think it is one of the finest things to do when your customer is least expecting that you will go out of the way and do something exceptional for them. What KLM is doing is they are using this campaign as an experiment for using the social networks. KLM has taken social network at all new level where you remove information about your customer and give do something unique for them. You are hitting them when they are really bored and giving them something which is not general. Just think for a while if I give you a gift which is general or if I gift you something what you like which will make you more happy and delightful? ofcourse the latter.

After experiencing such an activity will it ever go out of your mind, they are not gifting anything expensive but they are gifting something which is personal and close to their heart. I think every other brand should learn from KLM, how to excite your customers and make them


Deliver me to hell…. — December 21, 2010

Deliver me to hell….

This is so great that I  had to share it with you all.

Before sharing the link I would like to share a small note about the brand. Read the note or don’t read it but I will assure you, you will enjoy the video.

New Zealand pizza delivery chain called Hell Pizza came out with an interactive thriller viral video on YouTube just to convey the message that they can deliver Pizzas anywhere.

Just to share with you the synopsis of the movie the heroine of the film is trapped on a car roof, ordering a pizza to pass the time while zombies bay for blood near the roof.

The series goes interactive when the action cuts to the hero, a delivery guy. Choices viewers must make (with a quick mouse-click) to progress through the video series include saving and recruiting a henchman, dispatching zombies with a choice of weapons and taking the right route to get the pizza to the girl.

Correct choices lead to a slew of gory zombie death and the chance to enter an email draw to win a year’s supply of Hell Pizza, the address revealed at the end of the final clip. Make the wrong move and a grisly end awaits the characters and the mission.

It generated more than 700,000 views in just 10 days, the zombie series Deliver Me to Hell by LittleSisterFilms, allows the viewer to choose characters’ move in a series of three-minute videos.

Have a look at the video and trust me you will see it till the end.

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