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BTL idea with an ATL effect

I know it’s been long that I have uploaded any blog but I guess I was waiting for some great stuff and I think, I finally got one, for me it’s a kick ass idea.

Recently I got a mail saying ‘An advertising Puzzle…. Must see’when I opened the mail it was written

A _ _ _ brand that puzzled everybody at the Manchester Airport!’Will tell you the brand name in sometime.

Below it was written ‘Can you figure out how this Man is sitting?’ and a video link next to it.

When I saw the video I was completely stunned, seriously speaking this kind of BTL activity I have never seen in my life.

Have a look at the video and you decide by yourself what do you think about it?

Is this idea has a brand recall? My view,I think whoever will see it, they will never forget the brand in their life.

Is the idea innovative? For sure it is.

Is the idea engaging? Cent percent it is.

The idea can be taken to different media channels? Yes it can.

Is the message conveyed properly to the consumers? Yes it is.

Have a look at the video.

So how is it? Liked it?

I loved it.

The idea is so simple, a man, sitting comfortably without any support to his butt and reading the newspaper. The message KLM wanted to convey was

‘Choose your personal kind of comfort’.New, more choice in economy class.

But if KLM would have done something like: the activity remains the same, instead of a person sitting in the air if he would be sitting on an actual airline chairwould it be that intrigued.

There is no doubt that consumers won’t see the activity  but would the idea have talking value to it? Would consumers stand there and discuss it or click pictures? Would they go home and share it with their loved ones? Its unlikely right.

Every medium has certain parameters so does BTL, BTL activity has certain mandatory points and those points should be integrated before executing the idea.

Three essential points are, the idea should be engaging, it should generate excitement with consumers and  should have a brand recall in the minds of the consumers.

With making it simple (like giving an actual chair to the person) consumer might get the message clearly but it would not have the spark in it. It would just be an another mundane idea executed. It is imperative that the above factors are integrated in the idea before executing it. That’s what KLM did they knew if they showcased something which is innovative like this, they will give something new to the consumers which in-turn they will share with their friends, relatives etc.

The idea of sitting comfortably without any support for minutes is unimaginable and this guy is sitting comfortably for hours that’s what made the idea more intrigued to the consumers.

Now KLM guys have gone a step above, consumers present during the activity were engaged and entertained but how to make other consumers aware and engage and excite which were not present during the activity.

One options is we can do the same activity at different airports or at key touch points. But as we know, given the price, online has far more reached then any other medium. With free media the idea can reached to millions of people with no cost, provided the idea is really innovative and it should make the consumers say WTF is this.

But for online audience, instead of sending it directly they made it engaging by saying  solve the puzzle ‘how this thing can happen?’ Figure out how this man is sitting? So for online audience it’s not just an exciting video but on the same time it is engaging.  It makes consumers think more about the activity in-turn pushing the brand KLM more deep inside their mind. The more you don’t get the answer the more you share it with people and try to figure out the solution.

Now across the globe on different websites people are talking about it and guessing how KLM has executed this idea.

I think KLM had done something supersonic and I really appreciate the guy who thought about this and the guy who saw conviction in the idea and allowed him to execute it.

The effort of engaging the consumer to this extent has never done by any brand and I think KLM has done a great job…

Right now I am just waiting for another round of mail with the video (making of the activity) giving answer to all the curious people who were trying to solve the puzzle.


SUBvert – Inspiring interviews of successful people

Few days back my boss shared a website with me called SUBvert and I am glad he did that because this website made me think and helped  me realize what I really want to do in my life.

What is this website all about?

SUBvert is an online magazine and their aim is to interview creative, business and sports heroes, so people can learn about success from these people who actually has achieved it. They publish content that helps people make more money and have more fun doing work that they love.

They have interviewed people like:

  • Mike Shinoda – Linkin Park
  • Goldie – DJ / Producer / Musician / Actor
  • Anthony Bozza – Rolling Stone Journalist and author of several rock biographies

And many others.

We might not know half of these artists but the point is not that, the point is when you read their stories it motivates you to the core. You feel how passionate they are in their work and how dedicated they are to achieve it.

Somewhere down the line it forced me to think, what I am currently doing is what I want to do my entire life or I am forcefully doing it, if I am forcefully doing it then why am I not pursuing what I really want to?

I am sure these thoughts come and go in the person’s mind who really wants to do something but due to some reasons not fulfilling it. The problem with these thoughts is they fades out very quickly. The guy who started SUBvert is very well aware of these things and he doesn’t want people to fade these thoughts and wants them to push and do something about it. He wants them to achieve it.

You can also register yourself on the website where you receive mails saying secret tips which tries to solve all the problems and hindrances of the person because of which he or she is not getting into what their heart and soul really wants to do.

Isn’t it a super  idea of making people realize their dreams and keep motivating them to achieve it.

This website made me realize few points and I think, in some or the other way it will help you do the same.

So for all those who really really wants to achieve their dreams but for some reasons are scared of getting into it, this website is for you guys,

Indeed, Creativity has no boundaries.

One small idea can do wonders for a brand. It is not at all necessary to exploit all the media available to make your brand popular.

Somewhere in this world there is a lawyer called Sabina Stobrawe and she implemented this outdoor advertisement for her brand.

I know the medium used for the ad will be seen by very few people compare with any other media but the ad and the medium selected has high talking value to it. The fact remains, I saw the ad and now I am sharing it with you this itself proves the point that the ad has worked more than any other media.

What’s so unique about the ad? Hmm, I leave it on you to decide that.

How is it? Liked it? I liked it…

Let’s assume few things now.

Assuming this might be a commercial building. Assuming the building is higher than 2nd storey. Hypothetically, I go there for some work on the third floor, standing near the elevator I see this married couple’s picture and as elevator door opens the image goes apart. Till this time I don’t know why this picture is kept there but as soon as I go inside and see the message.

Sabina Stobrawe

Divorce Lawyer

2nd Floor

It wont hit me hard, but when you think about it again couple’s picture, then couple’s picture going apart and then a message saying Divorce Lawyer. The message will subtly hit you, when a married couple is about to apart there is only one person Sabina the Divorce Lawyer.

Simple message but shown in a smart way. It is very unlikely that whoever sees the ad will forget it and.

After seeing the ad I seriously felt, indeed,

Creativity has no boundaries…

Lavender Bough, What’s in the name?

I know it’s quite long that I haven’t written anything.

You can say, I don’t have time to write, hmm busy with loads of work, or you can say, I was just lazy to write, why you thinking, ask me I will tell you, the latter one is right. Sometimes it’s just so difficult to articulate your thoughts and write about something what you like. But I am trying to write as frequently as possible, I think I will start writing at least one blog in a week. Let’s see am not sure as of now. With me its likely to be lazy again.

Anyways let’s get back to the point which I want to share it with you guys.

Where I live there is an area called 90ft road nothing unique about that area. I have passed that street zillion of times from the day I was born but there was nothing unique about it till the time this monster was created. From last few years whenever I pass I feel something different. I feel some master piece has been created.

To give you a brief idea about 90ft road, it is a long stretch of road approximately 6 kms. In that stretch there is small stretch of 2 to 3 kms that stretch is called 90ft road. On one side there are residential buildings and societies and on the other side there is a temple rest it was a barren land but now there is this architectural beauty which has been created & it’s called.

Lavendar Bough

Suddenly a monster was created,

Lavender Bough is where people get married; oooops just kidding Lavender Bough is where people commit suicide. Ooops kidding again, forget it think whatever it suits you.

It’s a one stop destination for marriage people. They have halls for marriages and receptions. Then they came out with their own rooms so the hassle after marriage to go home and get ready for the reception is gone; now its no longer a concern. Of course after reception the hunt for hotels is also gone.

Once you have rooms to stay there is a need of a restaurant so they came out with that as well.

The point is, in this area or nearby areas there is no other place like this. One destination for the marriage day.

Of course there was a need of something like this but is it necessary that it will work if there is a need? Not really right but something worked for Lavender Bough. My question is what worked? Few things. Let’s figure that thing out….

It has to be marketed in a way that people think that Lavender Bough is also an option for these kind of  occasions.

What helped Lavender Bough ?

First the place is so larger than life. If you see from outside it is just magnificent. Mind Blowing is the right word.

See the pic below.

There is no other huge construction besides it. Lavender Bough is the only one. If there is nothing as beautiful around then it gives more appeal to it. Opposite to it, as I earlier mentioned there are old residential societies.

Second in the night when you pass from the place it has this Lavendar lighting (Hutch – pink) on it at three different points. The name is lit with the Hutch – Pink color and two circles above on the terrace are also lit with it. Color is such that anybody who is passing from the street will at least see it once.

Third and very important thing which helped Lavender Bough is the acceptance by early adopters they didn’t hesitate to try it. They tried it because of the largeness of the place or it might have happened that on the particular day rest all places were full and they preferred going with Lavender Bough. It is likely that this might have taken place.

People who tried and people who visited their marriage experienced the brand and spread the word about the place to their relatives and friends. Hence, Lavender Bough came into their consideration sets.

Fourth thing what worked was the acceptance of the name Lavender Bough. Where I stay majority of the people are Gujus. You might be thinking Guju area and English brand strange combination. Actually it is but it worked, English name got easily accepted then any other name. Gujus came out with their own unique name for Lavender Bough.

For them it’s not Lavender Bough it is Luuvandar Bauugh. Seriously when you ask somebody who are my mom’s and dad’s age they will tell you marriage is at Luuvandar Bauugh.

Suddenly an English Brand name got familiar with all Gujratis.

I think all these factors worked for Lavender Bough.

  • Of course the need was the main point
  • Then came the Largeness of the place which made it larger then life.
  • Color attracted prospects time and again.
  • Word of mouth played a critical role
  • And in the end ofcourse my favourite Luuvender Bauugh’ the name just killed it.

Why to have wings when you are already on Cloud 9…

When Cloud 9 was recently launched in India with R.P.Singh as their brand ambassador I gave my early comments on the brand.

Last few lines which I wrote about Cloud 9 in my previous blog.

Will the brand ever make it big? May be may be not

Will they ever beat any of their competitors? I have my doubts with that.

I seriously feel Cloud 9 should come out of the sky to the earth and study Indian Consumers before taking any step.

(If you want to read the entire article)

Over a period of time Cloud 9 is doing great in the market, slowly and gradually they are covering the entire market.

First they launched the brand with Shilpa Shetty and got a huge PR buzz and then with R.P.Singh they exploited mass media.

Initially to start with they had flavor of Pomegranate but now they have different flavors like Wild Berry and Red Grapes. If consumers have apprehensions with Pomegranate they can have another one.

With huge advertising spends they got into the consumers mind, now consumers very well know that Cloud 9 = Natural Energy Drink. They know the difference between Cloud 9 and Red Bull, Cloud 9 is Natural Energy Drink and Red Bull is Energy Drink.

As a consumer, if I want to have something I think of the category first and then I think about the brand.

For e.g. I want to drink something, what should I have?

Let me have water hmm no, I will have cola instead or no no I will have white drink arey no no let me have energy drink.

Once you decide on the category then you decide on the brand. Let’s say I want to have an orange drink I will ask for Mirinda or Fanta or whichever my favorite brand is, if Mirinda is not available then I will think of having Fanta.

You want to have an energy drink so you go to the store and ask for it, let’s say, Red Bull and if Red Bull is not available and in the refrigerator you see Cloud 9.  What will you do?

You will either go for it or you won’t…. if brand is properly registered in the mind then probability is higher that you will go for it.

In the end, the game is on distribution. Cloud 9 is bang on with distribution. They are getting more and more powerful in distribution. Wherever you get Red Bull you will find Cloud 9 and wherever you won’t find Red Bull you will find Cloud 9.

Recently Cloud 9 came out with new commercial saying Drink and Drive with Cloud 9. A very simple line but its catchy, now a days traffic guys are catching people who drink alcohol and drives. Here is a brand saying drink and drive but only with Cloud 9. This gave a talking value to the people. Again Cloud 9 penetrated inside the mind of consumers by giving people a talking point to chit chat about.

I don’t know somehow I am liking Cloud 9’s strategy to cover the market. Cloud 9 has exploited all media and they should exploit one more medium to reach out to their consumers and the medium is experiential marketing. Engage consumers and make them experience the brand. Cloud 9 should go to their target audience through different BTL activities. This will make more and more people experience their product and get firsthand experience with the brand.

One more thing I would like to say, if anyone from Cloud 9 reading this blog they should use this line in their communication to have a marketing battle head on with the main competitor, if the main competitor reacts to your communication you have won the battle.

The Line is:

why to have wings when

you are already on

Cloud 9 😉 …

Creative Love Letter

Creative love letter…

Courtesy: Yogesh Dawda

Recently I got an e-mail saying Creative Love Letter, when I saw the mail I had some preconceived notion about it, that it will have same things what love letter always has with few changes here and there but seriously to my surprise when I saw the letter it was simply mind boggling. Yes it has same things what a love letter should have but the differentiation point is, the writer got tag lines of different brands together and made a love letter. He has written a love letter or a letter about love bringing together different tag lines. Few tag lines are not currently used by these brands nonetheless what a connection he has made. As this blog is all about brands, I thought I should share the love letter with you guys. The writer is unknown for me but I can see he is mad over brands.

Click on the images to enlarge it

An online viral which got more than 5.3 million viewers

As I have said earlier in my blog, Online is getting bigger and deeper day by day. The amount of time we spend online is startling. There is Facebook, Orkut, Yahoo, Rediff, Hotmail, Youtube, now a days we shop online, share our views on blogs, we tweet. There are so many things to do Online.

People have built their brands through this medium. There are many mediums to market the brand but the most effective and cheap medium is Online.

But you need to know the trick to market your story or your product or your brand or your resume or anything else; few people know how to use it, many don’t.

What if you are Sony or Dell or Michael Jackson or Steve Jobs or Lindsay Lohan ? You name the medium and you have that, you can market it through every possible medium.

PR, Print, Outdoor, Internet, TV, In-films and there are multiple options as well.

But the problem arises when you are not a biggie, if you are a common man, don’t have the money to spend on these mediums. But you have a remarkable product or a brand.

What you will do, How you will market it ? Which option you will use ?

Online is the one.

You can reach to millions of people around the globe, but the point is why they will waste their valuable time and look at what you are telling them to look at.

Is there somthing interesting for them ? is it unique ? something innovative, something which they have never seen, something which makes them enjoy, something engaging…. It can be completely wired but the story should be convincing enough for the person to read it or see it.

There are few companies who have promoted their product or brands or themselves through online and they have succeeded in it.

I would like to share few online marketing case studies coz they are easy to understand.

Burger King –‘Whopper sacrifice’ is a Facebook tool where users have to de-friend people from their friend list in return for a free burger. At the end of the campaign, there were a total of 233,906 users who found themselves dropped from their friends’ friend list.

Blend Tec –‘Blend Tec’ makes different types of blenders and these blenders can be used to make stuff like cappuccino, milkshake, making whole vegetables and fruits juices, grating cheese, chopping onions and much more.

They came out with videos called ‘Will It Blend’, The videos feature Blendtec CEO Tom Dickson liquefying a range of items that are divided into the “Try this at home” and “don’t try this at home” sections. In ‘don’t try this at home’ section features some unusual items that portray the power of the blender from 50 marbles to handful of golf balls to a new iphone .

After being released on YouTube the videos exploded, receiving over 1.7 m views. The traffic to the company’s website, with Alexa ranking jumped to 108,000 spots in the end of 2006.

BMW: ‘BMW FILMS’ BMW assembled a cast of A-list directors and actors & developed scripts within the basic framework of having a central character that helped people through difficult circumstances using deft driving skills—in a BMW.

Of course it’s BMW so the production cost was super high but promoting videos was almost free.

More than 10 million films have been viewed from 2 m people registered on the site, with 60% of those registrants opting to receive more information via e-mail.

Sunsilk: ‘Sunsilk Gang of Girls’ – India’s first girl online community website. The website has digital makeovers, group blogs, talent shows, job discussion board for girls, chill out zone and many such things.

  • Hindustan Lever claims 2,500,000 registrations to Gang of Girls site
  • 25,000 girl gangs,
  • 200 million hits,
  • 12-13 million page views every month.
  • The concept got re-launched for rural parts of India as “Sunsilk Saheli”

You might be aware of these online marketing campaigns, they are unique in their own way, at least they were when they got launched.Picture1

Like these campaigns (ones which I shared with you). Before few days, I came across one of the finest online marketing campaign done by a guy called Juan Mann, a man whose sole mission was to reach out and hug a stranger to brighten up their lives. And his campaign name was ‘Free Hugs Campaign’.

To read about Free Hugs Campaign visit:

The video which is shown on Youtube is simply amazing and worth watching. In this age of social disconnectivity and lack of human contact, the effec20061030_101_284x218ts of the Free Hugs campaign became phenomenal.

The concept is so unique that it got more than 52,000,000 viewers on Youtube. and the guy got a chance to meet Oprah Winfrey. What else you want…

Online is huge and has billions of users, we just have to know how to use it. If we know how to use it, we can build our product or brand only through this medium.

I hope you guys got an idea of Online marketing and seriously speaking this guy has done nothing great. He has taken our idea and gave an english name to it. Munna Bhai use to say it ‘Jadoo Ki Jappi’ Mr. Juan Mann has said ‘Free Hugs’. 😉 it’s always the other way round though.

Have a look at the video, I loved it and am sure you will like it too…

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