Scotch Brite – Old Cliché turn into a surprising demo…!

Scotch Brite is a Sponge brand & they are number 1 in Brazil market. Problem for a brand was that it was more preferred by older people & had clout with the younger generation.

Have a look at the video, I think they have used an old cliché into a finest way of demonstrating the product.

Perfect touch-point for catching the youngsters (target group) & perfect activity to pass the message across. Brand message is passed to the target group in fun & unusual way.

More & more activity I propose to my clients & more I see on-ground brands doing these kinds of activities my belief becomes stronger that any activation idea should have fun element to it then & then only the activity will make an impact & will also have talk-ability.

Of course there should be a message what a brand wants to communicate but it should be in a fun & unique way then it will be very difficult for people to forget about the brand & the activity.


Online CokeFM – Downloadable Concert

Coca Cola did it again…! They are just not stopping in doing all the innovative work. I wasn’t knowing that Coca Cola has their online FM station called Coke Fm. Online FM station is executed in Columbian market and they wanted to promote it that market.

So to promote the online Coke FM they took a popular local band and hosted a live convert on a stage that was suspended over 50m from the ground. If the crowd wants to bring the band down they have to download the songs on Coke FM mobile site. By downloading the songs on their mobile phones of the band which was performing, audience helped to lower the band to the stage.

Have a look at the video 

Coke got 50000 downloads in just one hour & loads of happiness to the crowd which is not quantifiable.

HP Photo Shout Booth

What a simple idea but so neatly executed but more then the activity what I like was the a/v, how smartly they have showcased what HP did in Sao Paulo’s rock concert . I think this is one of the best a/v I have seen lately.

While watching the activity please also have a look at the making of the a/v, the color combination which are used, the flow of the video from start to end, the fonts, emphasis on specific words and etc etc.

HP wanted to sponsor  Sao Paulo’s largest rock concert but Rock ‘N Roll has nothing do with printers then how to get associated with a rock concert & also make crowd know about the brand & make the brand registered in their minds ?

There are couple of moments which defines rock concerts like air guitaring, smoking, head banging etc etc.. but what these guys selected was SHOUT. From all these moments I dont know the reason why they selected shout as a moment but one thing is sure it merged with the idea so well.

After seeing the video I think any touch point is a great touch point for a brand till the time the TG is correct, what is needed is a great idea which can get benefits out of it.

Have a look at the video (activity & a/v) both are simply brilliant….!

Push to add Drama TNT

What a thought…! It’s Simply Brilliant. I think this is one of my favorite on-ground activation. TNT Tv channel brand wanted to launch their channel in Belgium & they did this activity. Have a look at it. Its mind blowing!

I think they can do this activity in any country where they are planning to launch & trust me nothing can beat this idea.

In India similar kind of activity we call it as  Street Plays & usually these kinds of Street Plays happens in rural areas or semi urban towns. I have seen Street Plays in India but what makes this activity unique is the content & the detailing of the execution. I think Street Plays can work anywhere be it metro cities or rural areas anywhere provided the content is relevant to the brand & it’s executed nicely.

Street Play should be an experience converted into content & this activity has done that & done it in a best possible way.

The Man Who Gave Everything What He Had….!

What a thought! I think this is one of the best guerrilla marketing I have seen. Imagine a man opened a Facebook page and innocently declared that he decided to give everything away. Reason of giving was that morning he just felt like giving away everything what he had in his house & the guy also showcased videos of all the products he owned.

After getting huge number of fans, getting covered on the front page of the newspapers & people queuing up at his house he revealed that the reason for his generosity is that Homecenter was opeining its Sales Season.

I think to do something like this in any market (this was done in Colombian market) needs lots of guts coz if it fails then there is no way to save it.

Have a look at the video:

How to make a good entry for an award function (Cannes | GoaFest | EMVIEs)

Recently I came across an a/v which tells us about how we can enter for an award functions (more related to media & creative awards). Media & Creative agency guys will understand what they go through while writing for an entry or making an a/v to showcase their project.

It’s a tiring process to write an entry for any award function be it Cannes, EMVIEs or GoaFest but once the project has been shortlisted and gets them an award, trust me, they forget everything, the pain of spending late nights in the studio or re-writing the entry, just the feeling of that award remains.

That hope of winning an award makes a person entice to write an entry or make an a/v. I saw this video and thought this will help them to make their entry and a/v a sexy one.

So here is it… Have a look at it.


The Return of dictator Ben Ali

Simple thought but so well executed. Whoever thought about the idea was exactly knowing how people would react after seeing the poster.

Have a look at the video it will just reaffirm the power of simplicity.

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