OmvedFew days back I was at phoenix to buy few stuff, while shopping I like to see brands which open up daily. There were couple of International new brands, some new cosmetic brands and new apparels brands.

While loitering around I came across this brand call OmVed pure natural living. From outside I really didn’t understood what they sell. But when I went inside, I found all the natural products from: Soap, Herbal teas, Hair & Body massage oils, organic t-shirts, organic cotton bed line, incense, yoga mats, meditational candles, herbal dhoops, shaving gels, Holistic vedic jewellery, magical rudraksh and many other things.

The experience was amazing, soft music + aroma + visuals of these products took me to the different world.

I have never seen such kind of a place in India; of course we get these products in different mom & pop stores but you will never find it under one roof. OmVed has done that, got all the natural products under one roof.

The format is new in India & we cant judge right now that it will work or it won’t. It has super potential for sure but you just cant trust the Indian market. Time will decide that this concept will work or no but if you happen to go to phoenix anytime then just don’t miss it, the shop is near Fab India.

Disclaimer: The shop has not been recommended by reference, if you are interested in seeing something which is new and unique in organized retail format than only visit it.

Omved Store