Budweiser Poolball

Budweiser Poolball

I know it’s been long that I have written anything and there is only one excuse I can give that I don’t have time but that’s not really a point. The point is when something is free you tend to be lazy or you take it for granted that’s what free blogging sites did it to me. Instead of wordpress if I was writing it on typepad or any paid blogging sites I would have been more disciplined.

Nonetheless that’s not the point I wanted to share. Recently I saw something really very interesting done by a beer brand (Budweiser) in Argentina. It is very common that beer brands sponsoring sports events in particular football. Less common is to create a whole new sport of their own.  What Budweiser did was they created their own game. They just mixed two games and made it into one. They mixed pool and football rules by creating a world’s smallest stadium or the world’s biggest pool table (depends on how you look at it).

Have a look at the video you will understand better.

I think the idea is simple but superb and am sure whoever sees it will never forget it and pass it to others. It’s registered in their mind forever.

After watching the video I think this game is so intriguing that it can be a regular sport in all the sport bars.

The Budweiser Poolball is here & it’s here to stay long.